We found it!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Project Romance would like to apologise for the misleading title of this blog entry. Although honestly, after a spate of mediocre Spanish food consumed in Brisbane over the past few months - I'm hoping it speaks for itself.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have died and gone to tapas heaven. Now granted, I have never been to Spain. And granted, maybe your standards are a little different from mine. But in my humble opinion this place ticks EVERY BOX. 

'Peasant' is located in the Barracks at Paddington (which has become my new favourite hideout in Brisbane for multiple reasons - homemade chocolates, Swiss icecream and quaint bookstores are but three of said reasons!). You can sit outside (with the err...wonderful view of Caxton Street), or soak up the ambient soft lighting inside at the long wooden tables or at the bar - which is where we ended up as soon as we had an inkling that this place carried Argentinian wine, which had come highly recommended to us in recent times.

The staff were attentive and friendly - always on hand with recommendations but not pushy. They let you take your time and enjoy your time there and to their credit, didn't laugh at me when I caved and ordered food after maintaining (twice!) that we were only there for a drink.

The food...the food is out of this world. We ordered a few dishes - spiced almonds, clams and chorizo with fresh warm bread served with roasted garlic, sweet potato empanadas - oh my. We didn't stay for mains as we had a movie to catch, however we could have honestly sat there all night, soaking it all up. They do a variety of main meals - and believe me, we'll be back to try them. They also do paella for two on Monday nights for only $30- SCORE! 

Despite their occasional specials, Peasant isn't cheap by any stretch of the imagination. Four glasses of wine, plus the almonds, bread and two tapas set us back around $100. But honestly - if you can't spend your money on good food and good wine - then why the hell are you even alive? I believe their mains are around $30 (which is fairly average nowadays), so it's not for the budget conscious - but if you're looking for an intimate dinner for two, in a gorgeous location, with food and wine that's a little different from the typical Brisbane fare - Peasant is definitely worth a try.
  • Summary: Warm, ambient, cosy, yummy, amazing tapas bar and restaurant in the heart of Brisbane's upmarket dining and cinema scene.
  • Tip: Clams and chorizo with warm bread and roasted garlic.
  • Transport: Bus to Caxton Street, 15 min walk from Roma Street Train Station
  • Where: Barracks, Paddington (61 Petrie Terrace)
  • When: Open daily for lunch and dinner.
  • Cost: Standard up-market Brisbane prices. Worth EVERY CENT.
  • Website: None as of yet!
  • Perfect For: Something different, grazing, interesting wine list, intimate dinners.
  • Downsides: Pricey (depending on your definition really). Get there before 7pm - or the place packs out. If you're going for dinner - phone ahead of time. :)