Warning. This post may induce fits of drooling and extreme pizza-lust.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Who has found Brisbane's best pizza? Oooh! Pick me! Pick me! I know!!!

Granted - that's a big call. Not because Brisbane is known for it's pizza - it's largely because MOST Australians don't know what real pizza is (oh hush if you're someone that does - I said MOST!) . Hell I don't know what real pizza is. But if I DID know, I bet it'd be something like Vespa Pizza at New Farm (and I believe Wooloongabba too but I haven't been there so I can't comment).

Now I'm going to start with something negative - but I'll go from there. Admittedly I DID attempt to make a booking online - and no-one got back to me. Their bad. So when I rocked up to a restaurant chock-full of "Reserved" signs, I had a sinking feeling that my name wasn't on the list. So I told them about my plight and the lovely Canadian girl behind the counter (who I suspect was a manager of some kind) sprung into action and gave us a table - as long as we could be out by 8:00pm. I looked at my watch - 6:30! Brilliant!

We were seated at a cosy little table in the front of the store. I had a brief look at the outside area though which was lit by lanterns and fairylights and I lamented a little - but I'll definitely be back, so the lanterns will have to wait. The service was prompt and corkage was not charged. You heard me. In the day and age where $4 per person corkage is not uncommon - especially in New Farm - I was astounded. Granted we had to pour the wine ourselves - but who cares!

We ordered a panzanella salad to start - which is a type of bread-salad. Dear god. I was in HEAVEN. The olive oil used on it was divine and the bread, despite being soaked in it was not soggy in the slightest. Stephen and I fought over the very last morsel of it! 

Can I just say now that I LOVE a guy that eats salad? It downright turns me on.

After some batting of eyelids and pouting (and not realising that we could do 1/2 and 1/2 pizzas - d'oh!) we settled on a "Pizza Bianca" - with pancetta, olives, cherry tomatos, artichokes, capers, sea salt and fior di latte. Stephen's not usually fussed on salty things like artichokes and capers - but he relented because pancetta and artichokes to me are like...like....well let's just say they're two of my favourite foods. Ever.

We waited about 25 minutes - bearing in mind that Vespa Pizza do takeaway as well as home delivered orders and it was a Saturday night. And it was made from scratch and woodfired.  The base was light but not soggy - and served as an incredibly tasty canvas for the toppings - which were chopped quite finely and not overbearingly salty at all. The taste was a mashing of simple flavours and can I just say fior di latte? Fior the WIN!

We devoured it and could have EASILY gone another one - however there was dessert. Now I took the liberty of ordering this when the pizza arrived because it was 7:15 by this stage and I was worried that I'd be kicked out without the very thing I came to eat.

Nutella and marshmallow calzone with vanilla gelato.

Be. Still. My. Beating. Heart.

This thing has to be seen to believed - and when we first laid eyes on it, we immediately thought "Pfft! We could have ordered two!". Oh no we could not have. 5 minutes later, and several grunts of pleasure and lickings of spoons (haha, that sounded kind of wrong didn't it?) - we agreed it was definitely a dessert best shared.

The total bill? $38. Not only did I find the best pizza in Brisbane (in my opinion) - but we found a place where we could eat delectable amazingly yummy Italian food for under $40.

Go there. Go there now.

  • Summary: Incredible Italian food in a cosy spot in trendy New Farm.
  • Tip: Nutella Calzone. Do not die without trying this. Oh - and it's BYO.
  • Transport: Buses run to New Farm all the time - although it's a bit of a walk to Merthyr Road (you'll need it!)
  • Where: 148 Merthyr Road, New Farm
  • When: Open 7 days from 5pm.
  • Cost: Preludes from $7. Pizza from $17 (shareable). Dessert from $7.50.
  • Website: www.vespapizza.com.au
  • Perfect For: A meal before a show at the Powerhouse. Cosy Italian food. Carb-fest?!
  • Downsides: Book or you just won't get a table. The end. You can also takeaway or if you live locally - have it delivered - however you're looking at 45 minute waits on weekends. Best just to book and go and have a great time.


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