Mmm...dumplings. Sorry - did you say something?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Been while Project bad. Working full time, studying part time and setting up a business is well....time-consuming! Not to mention setting up blogs for said new business and the rest!

ANYWAY. A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to stumble across what I have since named my Favourite. Chinese. Restaurant. Of. All. Time. Seriously - this place has had so many good reviews it's not funny. Everytime I walk past, it's packed. If that doesn't tell you something - what does?

Bamboo Basket on Grey Street, South Brisbane is a reasonably new restaurant, having only opened its doors this year. It's mostly known for it's gigantic window direct into the kitchen, where you can watch the chefs busy about hand-making noodles and dumplings and...............*cough* Sorry. I was distracted by my memory of the dumplings. 

Walk inside and it is a decorator's dream come true - lush furnishings, gorgeous lighting, beaded crystal curtains - it is hands down the most romantic damn Chinese restaurant you will ever encounter. While BB caters easily for large groups - there are heaps of smaller tables around the outside of the restaurant, making it perfect for dinner (or lunch!) dates.

This is not a foodie blog so I will not attempt to review the food to any kind of intellectual extent. However the dumplings and the pork belly (never had pork belly? YOU MUST DO THAT NOW) that I did consume was enough to leave a permanent stain of ecstasy on my memory. 

All in all - if you're after an intimate cosy dining experience with fantastic customer service and amazing food - Bamboo Basket is your place.

  • Summary: intimate cosy dining experience with fantastic customer service and amazing food
  • Tip: Soup dumplings. And the Shanghai pork ones (I can't remember their name but they were HEAVEN). Oh and the pork belly!
  • Transport: 5 minutes walk from the Southbank busway and Southbank train station. Parking is expensive.
  • Where: 199 Grey Street, South Brisbane
  • When: Open daily for lunch and dinner.
  • Cost: Upmarket Chinese prices - an entree and a main will set you back about $25.
  • Website: N/A
  • Perfect For: Sharing!!
  • Downsides: There can be a bit of a wait on meals during busy times. See your movie first THEN go have dinner. :)


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