Have we found Brisbane's best sushi? Our survey says YES!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I know what you're going to say. "Do you ever eat anything OTHER than Japanese food?" Well, yes. I do. But when I get told about an amazing new sushi place on Brisbane's northside, 5 minutes from where I live - I'm not exactly going to wait before trying it out.

Sakana, in Clayfield, is Brisbane's newest addition to the sushi game - but before you think about sushi trains with soggy edamame, and the same boring dishes with gelatinous toppings, going around and around for hours like a broken J-Pop record - think AGAIN. Sakana is about great Japanese service (oh how I have missed this since I've been back!), and phenomenal food - and there is not a train in sight. It's absolutely tiny - with only room for a handful of simple pine tables and chairs - so if you're eating in - take my advice and book.

The beautiful thing is all of the dishes are so inexpensive. You get a cute little complimentary salad with your with some of the meals and the tea is bottomless (and gooood). There isn't a main dish over $17 and the only thing more expensive than that is the sashimi - but you're still looking at $22 for 15 pieces which is pretty awesome, all things considered. The edamame was warm and salty and heavenly, and I highly recommend Sakana's "Special Rolls". There are 8 humungous pieces in these babies - and you are left quite pleasantly full afterwards. Stephen had the CSR ($14): Deep fried scallop, BBQ eel, avocado, and cucumber topped with crunchy king crab salad. I had the Sakana ($16) (which is their signature dish): Deep fried prawn, scallop, avocado, and salmon topped with rainbow layers of thin salmon and tuna sashimi.

Next time I'm going back for the prawn gyoza, seafood butter teriyaki and roasted cream oysters. 

  • Summary: cosy dining experience with seriously amazing customer service and heavenly, inexpensive food.
  • Tip: Special rolls. ZOMG!
  • Transport: Buses head down Sandgate Rd on a regular bais.
  • Where: Shop 1A/730 Sandgate Road, Clayfield
  • When: Open daily for lunch and dinner.
  • Cost: Prices start from $2 (miso) to $22 (sashimi platter). You can easily eat there for under $30. Unless you're me.
  • Website: None as of yet!
  • Perfect For: A great Japanese dining experience without the horrendous expense. Perfect for first-timers too - there's something for everyone.
  • Downsides: Get there before 6:30pm if you're not going to book. Even then - this place's popularity is really picking up, so I'd book if I were you. They DO provide takeaway however - so if you're after an intimate little Japanese dining experience at home - they're definitely worth the trip.

Mmm...dumplings. Sorry - did you say something?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Been while Project Romancers...my bad. Working full time, studying part time and setting up a business is well....time-consuming! Not to mention setting up blogs for said new business and the rest!

ANYWAY. A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to stumble across what I have since named my Favourite. Chinese. Restaurant. Of. All. Time. Seriously - this place has had so many good reviews it's not funny. Everytime I walk past, it's packed. If that doesn't tell you something - what does?

Bamboo Basket on Grey Street, South Brisbane is a reasonably new restaurant, having only opened its doors this year. It's mostly known for it's gigantic window direct into the kitchen, where you can watch the chefs busy about hand-making noodles and dumplings and...............*cough* Sorry. I was distracted by my memory of the dumplings. 

Walk inside and it is a decorator's dream come true - lush furnishings, gorgeous lighting, beaded crystal curtains - it is hands down the most romantic damn Chinese restaurant you will ever encounter. While BB caters easily for large groups - there are heaps of smaller tables around the outside of the restaurant, making it perfect for dinner (or lunch!) dates.

This is not a foodie blog so I will not attempt to review the food to any kind of intellectual extent. However the dumplings and the pork belly (never had pork belly? YOU MUST DO THAT NOW) that I did consume was enough to leave a permanent stain of ecstasy on my memory. 

All in all - if you're after an intimate cosy dining experience with fantastic customer service and amazing food - Bamboo Basket is your place.

  • Summary: intimate cosy dining experience with fantastic customer service and amazing food
  • Tip: Soup dumplings. And the Shanghai pork ones (I can't remember their name but they were HEAVEN). Oh and the pork belly!
  • Transport: 5 minutes walk from the Southbank busway and Southbank train station. Parking is expensive.
  • Where: 199 Grey Street, South Brisbane
  • When: Open daily for lunch and dinner.
  • Cost: Upmarket Chinese prices - an entree and a main will set you back about $25.
  • Website: N/A
  • Perfect For: Sharing!!
  • Downsides: There can be a bit of a wait on meals during busy times. See your movie first THEN go have dinner. :)