We're back!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We're back! Japan was phenomenal - if you haven't had the chance to get there - Jetstar have a 2 for 1 airfare deal happening at the moment - it's definitely worth the trip. Anyone that thinks that Japan would be one of the least romantic destinations in the world just hasn't been there! We spent hours walking through parks, with cherry blossoms falling all around us. We explored the backstreets of Gion together, and marvelled at Bamboo forests, hiked up mountains and breathed in the clear Sagano air. We clinked glasses 52 storeys up at the Park Hyatt in Shinjuku, and bought matching mouse-ears at Disneyland. We discovered beautiful restaurants in the back streets of each city and experienced new tastes, sounds and languages.

Don't underestimate its magic - experience it for yourself. 


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