Feverishly disappointed.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What better way to spend a Friday night then to kick back with some Sangria and some tapas in an inner-city location, celebrating the end of the working week with your significant other?

That's what I thought when I skipped gleefully towards Pintxo's at New Farm (yes I know I'm a 30 year old female - hush!). I had been envisaging mouth-watering interesting tapas that were just begging me to feverishly consume them (at the disdain of my credit card), not to mention the authentic-tasting Sangria which wouldn't taste pre-mixed at ALL. 

The decor was cosy, and the ambience quite nice. But it became quite obvious, quite soon that the Sangria DID taste pre-mixed and the food really wasn't that mouth-watering or interesting. Despite it being a busy Friday night - very few selections were on the tapas train (yes - think sushi train but....Spanish...well, kind of), and we had to order a lot of what we wanted. Which would have been okay if it actually turned up. We waited 40 minutes for a bite-sized morsel to appear in front of us, not to mention my third Sangria (the pre-mixed taste goes away after the first two and you stop caring). The staff were flustered and snapping at each other and we felt like we were on the set of My Kitchen Rules rather than a trendy New Farm restaurant. We paid for what we'd eaten and left - sans final tapas and headed for New York Pizza where big fat slices of cheesy pepperoni awaited us (Why yes, I did regret that decision later) - and then off to the Press Club where large cocktails took the edge off our disappointment.

Seriously? If it's tapas you want - head to The Lark at Paddington. I'm going to attempt to hunt down some others too. Yes, I will do this for you, my dear readers. All in the name of research. I know. I'm too kind.

If you have any FANTASTIC cosy tapas places that simply must be checked out - leave me a comment, or email me at erica@dragonflysakura.com. Alternatively - if you have any great tapas RECIPES - same applies (especially if you know how to make deep fried feta stuffed olives...be still my beating heart....) 


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