Runneth over.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

In all of my unpacking recently, I've been finding bits and pieces that I thought were lost forever (seriously - it's been like Christmas!) (err...x2!). Stephen was digging through a box the other day and he tossed a tiny book on my desk saying "Here...I think that's yours?". It was "Women Are From Venus: Understanding the Woman in Your Life" by John Gray (Remember when we all went crazy buying up John Gray books in the early 2000's, trying to improve our relationships? Or was that just me?). I don't know - as cliche'd as the books have become in recent years - I think his writings are still very relevant (I can almost see my friend Mel shaking her head at me in disgust for even admitting that I own the book, let alone wanting to blog about it).

So I tossed it back to him saying "Don't you think you'd better hang onto it?". "No" he replied. "I understand the woman in my life."

While some of the statements within it are a bit presumptious, I still love this book - it's kind of a summarised version of the "Venus" chapters in Men are From Mars Women Are From Venus. Now - let me run a disclaimer here - whilst my post may appear quite sexist - I'm only quoting the book because I own it. John also has another book all about the guys. Apparently. I don't own it. :)

Anyway. Here are a few favourite quotes:
  • A woman will have a hidden feeling that says 'I don't want to tell him what I need; if he really loves me, he will know'.
  • A woman never gets bored of hearing a man say 'I love you'. It allows her to feel his love.
  • Men and women express their love differently. It is difficult for a woman to believe that a man who forgets her birthdays or anniversaries could really love her.
  • When a man regularly brings romance into the relationship, it makes a woman feel cherished and reminds her not to give so much.

That last one really does it for me. Some are needier than others when it comes to relationship romance. Those of us who need the reassurance, the little thoughtful gifts, the texts, the notes, the cuddles and the creative dates are often branded "High Maintenance" - a title which I think is a little unfair. Maybe those people have been starved of romance and affection in previous relationships and they just need that little more.  Regardless if your romance cup is large or small, don't you agree that the world just gets that little bit better when it runneth over?


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