Back in Brissie!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Well it finally happened - we moved back to Brisbane. It's been a hectic few weeks - uprooting one's life and relocating was never bound to be easy - but we made it. It was a triumphant day today - when I threw out close to 250kg of my life - papers, old cassette tapes, cards - and the remnants of my previous two marriages.
I guess it's time to come clean - I, the writer of Project Romance, have been married twice in my 30 years of being on this earth. Will I get married again? Probably. Eventually. Most people I know haven't even been married once. It's fairly accepted by society to be married a second time - usually you know what you're doing by then.'s a nice theory. So what is a self-professed serial-bride doing writing a blog about romance? Well, actually I think that makes me somewhat of an expert. See, in my years of chasing the perfect relationship and the perfect marriage - I have learned a lot about the cornerstones of romance. Everyone's different of course, and you'll get out of this blog what you will. Of course I'm still learning. And of course no relationship IS perfect.  I've been lucky enough to be loved by some amazing men. And equally unlucky to see those relationships die before my eyes for various reasons that possibly could have been avoided before walking down the aisle-slash-rose-petal-bridge.
I am especially blessed now to be with a wonderful man who satisfies every criteria and ticks every box in the relationship satisfaction survey. A man who believes in romance as much as I do and lives to make me happy as much as I live to do the same.  I look forward to sharing our journey with you - and inspiring you to go forth and think outside the big box of the ordinary and the familiar.


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