Spanish. Chocolate. Seduction. Need I say more?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Looking for an intimate but interesting twist on “just dessert” or “just coffee”? Look no further! San Churro’s website tag states that “Chocolate and Churros shall be your salvation” – and they couldn’t be closer to the truth! San Churro is a little Spanish cafe on the boardwalk at Sunshine Plaza, Maroochydore. They specialise in – you got it – churros and chocolate – but make absolutely divine coffee too.

What’s a ‘churro’? Glad you asked. It’s a type of Spanish doughnut – served long and hot (no puns please, I’m part-British), with a pot of melted chocolate. Legend has it that the Spanish have these for breakfast – but I believe that as much as Americans think that kangaroos exist in our backyards (actually they do populate the local university here – but I digress).

San Churro do much more than churros and melted chocolate – they also specialise in all sorts of yummy chocolate tapas, fondues, sundaes and cakes. Their beverages  are also the perfect companion – choose from a variety of Spanish Coffees and Hot Chocolate concoctions – not to mention their milkshakes! Oh my.

I recommend
: Churros for two (two sauces – Dulce de leche and Dark Chocolate  -and yes, once you dip churros in both of these babies at the same time – you won’t go back), and Madrid Mocha (no cream, but definitely marshmallows).

: Find a cosy corner couch inside the dimly lit cafe, and you have a perfect recipe for romance!

: In a nutshell? Utter chocolate seduction.
  • Where: San Churro – Sunshine Plaza, Maroochydore
  • When: Mon-Sun 9am-10pm
  • Cost: Upmarket cafe prices ($5.50 for coffee, $13 for Churros for 2. $7 for 1)
  • Website:
  • Perfect for: Late-night chocolate cravings, after-movie coffee, or something a little different.
  • Downsides: Only one of its kind in QLD (sorry Brisbane residents!), can get a little noisy on Friday/Saturday nights, given that it’s so close to the cinemas, restaurants and pubs at the plaza. Can also get very busy during peak times.
Coffee & Churros - made for each other!


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