Setting Hearts a-Flame in Montville!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I promise I'll start posting about Brisbane soon - but as it so happens, I'm still living on the Sunshine Coast for the next few weeks - so I'm going to squeeze every drop out of this romantic's paradise as I humanly can. :)

So this morning I found myself craving a really great bottle of wine and a nice shady place to drink it in - possibly with some great food - to share of course, but without ants and sand and the sun searing into my already sunburned shoulders. Driving up to the gate, I realised that my beloved "Settler's Rise" winery had been renamed, and rebranded as "Flame Hill" winery. Didn't bother me!

Flame Hill is about 5 minutes from the heart of Montville in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. It's nestled away in a small vineyard overlooking the rolling green hills - and on a clear day you can see right out to the beautiful Sunshine Coast beaches.

For $5 you can taste Flame Hill's premium wine range, or you can proceed directly to their restaurant - which has a real homely feel to it, with wide sweeping verandas overlooking the vines. Flame Hill have a full a la carte menu - or for Settler's Rise veterans - the tasting plate is still available - although the food has definitely changed (and for the better! Oh my!) We chose the "Picnic on a Plate" - which came with assorted antipasto bits and pieces - cold meets, cheeses, pickled eggs (don't knock them until you try them!), olives and enough homemade bread to feed an army. A bottle of Flame Hill's own Verdehlo went very nicely with the meal - and it was lovely to sit back, let the breezes just wash over us, and take our time.

Picnic on a plate (chicken, pickled eggs and goats cheese and much more)

...and also - lovely homemade bread!

Of course we had to be very naughty and order dessert - but who could resist dishes like "Frozen Sabayon with Fresh Mango" or "Frangipani Apple Tarte?". We couldn't - although in the end we went with the Catalone Cream with Orange Blossom, Honey and Saffron as well as the Frozen Sabayon. What can I say? After a bottle of wine, your cares are a very very long way away.

Seriously. Who could say no?

Frozen Sabayon with Mango (oh my god)

Catalone with Orange Blossom, Saffron and Honey. Seriously amazing.

Yes - that is actual fairy floss on top! Okay, okay...spun sugar...

Tip:  Picnic on a Plate (for 2), Flame Hill Verdhelo. ANY of their decadent desserts (although I would recommend sharing one in hindsight!)

Summary: Flame Hill is just that kind of gorgeous getaway that can give you an unparalleled afternoon of togetherness, true Queensland style. Stay as long as you like, the staff are friendly and happy to assist you in any way they can.
  • Where: Flame Hill Winery – 249 Western Avenue, Montville
  • When: Thursday-Monday: 10:30am-5:30pm.
  • Cost: Picnic on a Plate - $39.50. Cheese Platter - $28. A la carte dining from $12-$26.
  • Website:
  • Perfect For: Long drives in the country, romantic lunches, wine and cheese tasting, relaxation.
  • Downsides: Not open for dinner. Alas!